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Todkill - Wardroper Home - thermal images

Don Koppin Contracting has been building this off-grid, super insulated home and has just completed some thermal images - photos showing temperatures. This kind of photography shows warm areas as yellows and oranges and dark blues and purples as colder areas.

The reason you might have darker blues and purples is due to cold migrating in through poorly insulated areas or through the framing of the wall itself. This contributes to not only poor energy efficiency and higher heating/cooling bills but also the risk of condensation, mildew and mould.

This home in particular has two stud walls, an outer one insulated to R14, an inner one insulated to R14 and a space between also insulated to R14 for a total of R42. The benefit of this is that the inside studs are not in contact with the outside air as they are separated. This eliminates the effect of cold being transferred from outside to inside.

And the proof is in the photos. In the first photo, you can see a regularly built home, and in the second picture you see Anne Marie & Lawrence's double stud wall. This shows that a good design, followed up by good builders paying attention to the details means a highly efficient and healthy home. Good job Don and crew!

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