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Get comfortable with reading plans!

We have just added a new tutorial section to our website called "Reading Plans". It is meant for people who are not as familiar as they would like to be with reading and understanding plans.

It can be a very daunting task to look at a set of plans for a home you are having designed. You feel you want to understand them so you can make good decisions. But in looking at the plans, you may feel intimidated by them and afraid you are missing important factors.

But like everything in life, once you become familiar with the basics, it becomes second nature. You can then get on with the fun part of designing, building and eventually living in your dream home!

There are sections on:

-the types of views you will encounter

-the types of pages you will see in a plan set

-elevation, section and detail markers

-dimensions and dimension lines

-grid lines

-storey level lines

-common symbols

-common line types

-common fill types

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