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Gee & Ieva Navickas

We were looking for someone to convert our house ideas from napkin sketches to construction drawings.  We went through a list of people and companies but it seemed like architects wanted to impose their style on our house idea. They were very expensive, and affordable options looked untrustworthy and that they didn’t care enough. 

Thats when we contacted Patrick and Sherri from HavenCraft Design. We had a pretty solid idea how our SIP house should look like; what materials we will be using inside and out. We went through the functionality of each and every corner, or we thought we did. Patrick and Sherri exposed flaws in our design and presented solutions that were logical, but they didn’t change our vision. They listened to us and patiently answered our questions. They went step by step and solved every concern we had regarding the house design, structural engineering possibilities and even small details such as siding finishes. It seems like nature is always on Patrick and Sherri’s mind. Every advice we received from these two was environmentally sound. And last but definitely not least, the HavenCraft Design team started and finished everything on time: what is a rarity in the construction industry. We would strongly recommend Patrick and Sherri if you need your project on time, done with care and the environment in mind. 

Tomas & Miriam Jankovic

Hi Patrick


I am slowly getting quotes back from contractors and I just wanted to tell you, all say "those drawings are damn good". 

Had to pass it on, could not keep it for myself.

Kelly Shop Final.jpg
Kyle Phillips, Chief Building Official
Cavan Monaghan Township

Hi Patrick, Just wanted to say great work on the plans for the workshop. You do a very detailed and easy to read set of plans.

Greg & Allison Robinson

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you that anyone who has reviewed our plans has been extremely complimentary regarding your attention to detail and overall quality of the plans.

Blazevski 1.jpg
Patricia Blazevski

“Patrick at HavenCraft Design is a pleasure to work with. He made our ideas for our new cottage build come to life. He is reliable, easy to work with and extremely professional. He came highly recommended by several builders in the area, and after working with him, I can understand why. It has truly been a 5 star experience and would definitely use him for any future builds.”

John & Judy Froats

    Judy and I want to thank you for your great work on the timber frame. We are really impressed with the talent and craftsmanship of the Team. We have looked at dozens (maybe hundreds!) of timber frame buildings over the years and we think yours (ours) is the best. After we stopped by to see you on our way to Ottawa on Tuesday, the conversation all the way to Ottawa was abuzz with sharing details of what we had seen in your work. The joinery is somewhere between precise and a work of art. The attention to details in the selection of oak and maple splines will be a talking point for years to come. The bracing and sizing of the timbers all work well. The rounded beams in the ends to frame the front window are great.


    We realize there is still much to come but wanted to let you all know how much we are impressed and excited about your Teams work. The design looks like it will surpass our expectations. The craftsmanship is something to show off. All we can say is so far well done guys. The place felt perfect as we stood looking at the layout and the structure. You must feel very proud of your completed timber frame. You done good!


    So don't let it go to your heads - we'll expect the same degree of excellence on the rest of the project! Just kidding - we are delighted and know that we picked the right team to work with.


    We have been dreaming of owning a timber frame cottage for a long time. Thanks for making a dream come true.

Kandi Wood

“To My Crew:

And so it comes to pass, my new family leaves me and moves on. You leave behind your own legacy, in my home.


You are a credit to your trade - diligent, hardworking, persevering, craftsmen and women.


This journey we have traveled together has not happened by chance. I truly believe that the right people were here on this project. You all came together for a reason - perhaps that reason is already known, or still to be known. I will remember you all, for many reasons as you each brought your own style and individuality to the project.


Dan: your ‘lead workhorse’ character always leading the team, with your experience and craftsmanship - I will remember you always when I am pottering at my workbench in the garage! Saskatchewan will gain and Ontario will lose a talented carpenter!


Jenn: your smile that shines every time you use it and your laugh - infectious and uplifting, it will echo for a long time in my house! Your input, inspiration and hard work was always a welcome breath of fresh air! May you have every success in all that you pursue!


Dierdre: even though you joined us later in the project, I always felt like you had been there from the start (as though we were holding a spot for the fourth crew member (you) all along!) - what a gift to have had two women on my crew - balancing the male/female talents! What a career you will have ahead of you with your talent in the straw bale field - all the best with your business endeavors!


Nate: your gentle spirit and depth of soul touched  me from the start - you have abundance within you that radiates through - it was  always a pleasure to see your smiling face and have you share your talents on my project! Your totem pole will hold a place of honour in my house!


And finally Pat: I knew when I met you at the Ecology Retreat Centre two years ago, that you and I were meant to walk a path together for a while  - your gentle nature and extensive knowledge of your trade impressed me without you even trying. Your craftsmanship, diligence, attention to detail and professionalism will take you far in your business. It has been my pleasure to work with you and I believe this will not be the last time we ‘walk together’ on a project. I cannot leave Sherri out of this either - my gratitude to her for ‘sharing’ you for this time and supporting you through all the stressful times along the way.


My fondest wishes go with all of you and I hope to see you back when we do Phase II!


Kandi Wood - April 2007

Glenn & Nancy Keating

It is  m sincere  pleasure to provide  this  letter to  you   and  your  team in reference to the DREAM HOME you   have  built  for  us.


 I   have  been   through the  difficult process of building  a  home  before, but  have  never experienced   the detail     and   concern to build    it   right  that  you  have  provided  to  me. Of course there  are trying  times  during  any  project of this  size, but  when  we  look at the final  product,  it  is  amazing  how  issues  and  concerns  are  things  of  the  past  and   we  are left  with       the home  of  our dreams.


Your  leadership and  team management was  great. You   were  able to keep your crew moving  forward,      while looking ahead,    at    what   seemed at  the time, an impossible mountain to climb.


We  made  reference  a  number of  times during  the  project  that    it   was  a "Havencraft detail",   and  all  I  can  sa now  is  thank  goodness  for this detail. It truly  has  made  the difference  in making  our house  much more than   house, you have  built  us  home  to cherish and  for this    I  am  sincerely  grateful.

Gus & Mayah Sevink

We are very pleased to offer this recommendation for Havencraft Homes.  We have lived with our new addition for about a year, and it is just great.  From the beginning, our experience has been a positive one.


Having built our own home in the past, we had experienced the building process and the many challenges that can come up.  We were also interested in trying something “new” by incorporating straw bale into the existing house.


We contacted several builders and knew early on that Havencraft was the builder we wanted.  Pat and Sherri met with us a number of times and, with their experience, helped develop the final plan with care, creativity and cost consciousness.   They worked well with the designer and suggested a number of helpful revisions.


The project got started early with a crew of highly experienced trades people, some of them local.  The work pace was steady, never demented, and there was always time for a friendly exchange.  We were able to participate as much or as little as we wanted.  


Craftsmanship became apparent from the foundation upwards, beginning with the in floor heating system.  The straw bale was expertly installed and beautifully finished.  At Pat’s suggestion, a number of trees, included the two cut down to make room for the addition, were dramatically incorporated into the living space.


While the project took longer than anticipated (and what building project doesn’t), things were manageable.  Small problems encountered along the way were quickly solved.


All in all, our experience was a positive one, and we are very pleased with the results.”


Fernando & Holly Cartwright



Thank you so much for all of your advice and patience as we explored all of our different options. We have learned so much during the process and you have been fantastic! We will likely have many questions for you throughout the rest of the process. We have a lot of respect for your judgment and experience, and it would be great if you could also act as a consultant as we move forward. 


Given the number of people who had recommended you to us, you certainly have no shortage of happy clients, but please feel free to forward our contact information to anyone looking for a reference.




Fernando and Holly

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