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New Library Building Award!

The Wilberforce Branch of the Haliburton County Public Library has turned into a key community hub. Bessie Sullivan, CEO/County Librarian, has submitted the library for the Ontario Library Association's Award and it has won!

The building was built by the 2013 Fleming College Sustainable Building Design & Construction students. And what a great job they have done.

Here are some comments from the jury:

"This library demonstrates a strong focus on sustainable building efforts. Energy efficient materials and methods are paired with a natural look and feel that makes it fit in the landscape. The interior has a cozy, cottage-like feel. The windows let in lots of light as well as attractive views of the natural surroundings. The wattle-and-daube exposure and truth windows showing straw bale construction stages add a nice historical touch. Increased opportunities for programming in particular, and community engagement overall, speak well for the community’s future."

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