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The L'Amable Cottage

The Bragg's had this cottage renovated a few years ago. But now the call of the north is a little stronger and they want to make beautiful L'Amable Lake in Bancroft their home for a larger part of the year.

The hill is quite challenging to navigate and so the new additions will allow them to enter the new upper floor directly from the parking level. They can then make their way to the lowest level all from the interior.

This new addition will also allow them to take better advantage of the spectacular views from their site.

This was a very challenging and interesting design to work on because the site determines exactly what we can and can't do. We had to take very detailed site elevations taking into account the depth of bedrock in key locations. Once we had the hill mapped out, it helped us determine what the floor levels could be. We used the each floor as a giant step to climb up that big hill.

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