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The Abbey Gardens "Alternative Energy Presentation Centre"

The design for Abbey Garden's new "Alternative Energy Presentation Centre" is just about complete!

The building will be constructed by Fleming College's Sustainable Building Design & Construction program this coming summer.

It will feature straw bale walls, the front being rounded, rammed earth walls, double stud high performance walls. The foundation will be a slab on grade with in-floor heating, powered by a pellet stove. The roof insulation will be blown cellulose recycled paper insulation.

The hand cut timber framed entry, designed by Ali Lam, will feature two live edge trees with branches as the brace along with a more traditional squared mortise & tenon frame. The roof on it will be a green roof to highlight some of the great things Abbey Gardens are growing!

The image with the white gorund (snow!?!) is showing where the shadows will fall across the building in 1 year from today at this time of day (1:15PM).

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