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Fleming College's Sustainable Building 2015 Project - Haliburton Forest Staff Lodge

We are on site now with the students from the 2015 Fleming College Sustainable Building Design & Construction program. We are building a staff lodge duplex for the Haliburton Forest Wildlife Reserve staff. The log walls are being sustainably harvested and milled on site by Ecolog Homes.

We are very excited to be working with James Blackman and Mark Allen from Tapial Homes and Muskoka Sustainable Builders. They will be teaching our students how to build a rammed earth foundation!

Our walkout walls will be straw bale. Upper gable walls will be straw/clay. And many of the interior walls will be a variety of wattle & daub, cordwood, & reclaimed materials.

The students are building the duplex from the ground up. They have spent the first month in class and are now excited to be on site and getting their hands dirty.

Here are a few digital images of the project as it will be constructed.

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