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Tyler Parr's Job Rocks!

My very good friend, Tyler Parr, is featured in an episode of "My Job Rocks" and is being interviewed while building the Alexander Acres project that we designed. Hallie Church can also been seen on the video. (I apologize but I am not familiar with the other folks helping to bring it all together.)

This straw bale home is featured in a few previous posts where you can see the design, the plaster work and the kitchen of this gorgeous home.

I would like to mention that Tyler is a graduate of the Fleming College Sustainable Building Design & Construciton program from 2012. This part was edited out unfortunately, and, ironically, the school wasn't mentioned in the list of academic instutions where you can achieve this training. Another correction is that you do not need a university education to become a sustainable builder. In fact, the skilled trades, in general, are a great way to get an education in a exciting and lucrative field. Especially within sustainable building. I highly recommend the Fleming College program and you can find out more about the program here:

This years project, as shown in a previous post, puts the program back to Abbey Gardens where Tyler and Hallie first contributed their efforts and passion. This years building is a strawbale, and rammed earth building which will be a retail store for Haliburton Solar & Wind.

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