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"The Ponds" home design is complete!

Fernando & Holly Cartwright have been on a design journey to find a building method to suit their family homestead and growing international business. Their goals were to be as energy efficient as possible and to develop a design that they could build themselves. They have explored both framing and insulation systems and have settled on a double stud wall system with R50 Roxul wall insulation and using high quality windows and doors.


Thank you so much for all of your advice and patience as we explored all of our different options. We have learned so much during the process and you have been fantastic! We will likely have many questions for you throughout the rest of the process. We have a lot of respect for your judgment and experience, and it would be great if you could also act as a consultant as we move forward

Given the number of people who had recommended you to us, you certainly have no shortage of happy clients, but please feel free to forward our contact information to anyone looking for a reference.

Regards,Fernando and Holly"

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